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Famous Antique Cars Quotes and Sayings

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List of famous Antique Cars quotes, sayings, and comments about antique cars, vintage vehicles and restoring old automobiles. Browse our collection of famous car quotes by notable car industry legends, race car drivers, famous automotive enthusiasts, automobile collectors, journalists, writers, and car manufacturing people about owning vintage automobiles.

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It's called restomodding. You take an old car and modernize it with an updated engine, suspension, brakes, tires and electronics. And if you restomod the right way, you can revert back to stock at any time. I've been subtly updating my cars for years.
Jay Leno Quotes list of Cars, Upgrade, Modern, Restomod & Old Car Quotes

The funny thing is that restomodding is not new, it's just that now there's a catchy name for the technique.
Jay Leno Quotes list of Funny, Old Cars, Restomod & New Quotes

I believe if you just go out looking for old cars, not for any particular model, you're more likely to find a car you want.
Jay Leno Quotes list of Cars, Old Cars & Buying Quotes

Every antique-automobile enthusiast dreams about finding a long-lost car in some garage or barn. A forgotten treasure just waiting for someone.. you.. to rediscover. At least that's the dream. But it doesn't happen very often.
Jay Leno Quotes list of Cars, Antique Cars, Enthusiast, Garage & Dream Quotes

But no matter how much you upgrade an antique car, it is never going to be as safe as a modern vehicle.
Jay Leno Quotes list of Cars, Antique Cars, Vehicle, New, Upgrade, Safe & Modern Quotes

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