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Find a list of automobile logos, car badges and auto emblems from car makers around the world. Includes information on each auto logo with examples of how the logos are used by the company.

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Audi Logo
The Audi logo shows four touching rings arranged horizontally. The Audi company says that the four circles of their company car badge represent the amalgamation of four formerly independent motor-vehicle manufacturers in 1932. They include Audi, DKW, Horch and Wanderer.
Audi Cars.

Bentley Logo
The logo of the British luxury car company Bentley consist of a winged letter B. The white letter B is placed in a black oval, with the outstretched wings of a bird left and right of the B and tail feathers at the bottom. Bentley Motors company.

BMW Logo
The BMW logo is said to represent a spinning propellor of a plane, with the white being the propeller and the blue being the sky background, as the company used to manufacture aircraft engines. The blue and white of the BMW badge has also been said to represent the Bavarian flag, which is the origin of BMW (Bavarian Motor Works).

Chery Logo
The Chery logo consists of a stylyized C and A, which also looks like the letter A placed over an oval. It has some resemblance to the Japanese Infiniti logo of Nissan. Chery Automobile is a Chinese government owned company.

Ferrari Logo
The Ferrari logo of the prancing horse on a yellow background suggests speed and power. The green white and red stripes of the Ferrari badge are from the Italian flag. It is said that Enzo Ferrari used the prancing horse after Count Francesco Baracca, who was a famous fighter pilot from the Italian Air Force that was shot down and killed after a very successful career. Baracca would have the prancing horse on the sides of his plane. Ferrari company.

Ford Logo
The Ford logo was first trademarked back in 1907 and was first used on the 1928 Model A model automobile. Childe Wills, an early employee of the Ford Motor Company was a major contribitor of the Ford badge design. The current blue oval of Ford has a ratio of 8:3. Ford Motor Company.

Holden Logo
The Holden logo is for the most recent revision of the GM Holden badge which has been used since 1994. Previous revisions to the logo were made in 1928 and 1972 but they all included the stylized lion holding a circle. GM Holden

Jaguar Logo
The logo of the British luxury car company Jaguar Cars Ltd depicts a leaping Jaguar cat. The Jaguar is jumping from right to left above the Jaguar letters. Jaguar Cars.

Maserati Logo
The Maserati logo consists of an upright standing oval containing a red trident and the word Maserati in it. The Maserati logo refers to the city of Bologna where the auto maker was founded. The trident symbol used in the logo is a common site in the city with the statue of Neptune holding a trident being a major centerpiece.

Mazda Logo
The current Mazda logo which has been used since 1997 is a stylized letter M in an oval. The center of the M can also be seen a flying bird with wings outstretched. It has also been seen as the head of an owl. The logo can also be seen as the flower of the tulip.

Subaru Logo
The Subaru logo consists of a bordered blue oval with 5 small stars and one large star in it. The stars represent Pleiades star cluster in the star constellation of Taurus. See also the Subaru company profile.

Volkswagen Logo
The logo of the German car company Volkswagen was designed by a German engineer called Franz Reimspiess after the company had an office competition to design the automobile badge. It is the letter V over the letter W, bordered by a circle. Volkswagen Cars.

Volvo Logo
The Volvo logo consists of a circle with an arrow pointing up and to the right, which is a chemical symbol for iron and was also the symbol for the planet Mars during the times of the Roman Empire. In the center of the circle is the word Volvo in white across a blue background. Volvo Cars.

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