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List of famous Fun quotes, sayings, and comments about having a lot of fun in a car, enjoyment, funny and to increase your fun level. Browse our collection of famous car quotes by notable car industry legends, race car drivers, famous automotive enthusiasts, automobile collectors, journalists, writers, and car manufacturing people about having fun with cars.

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It's fun when you're driving, and people wave at you, and you wave back. I think you either like people or you don't. I mean, I don't want to put on sunglasses. That's why I'm in show business.
Jay Leno Quotes list of Cars, Fun, Driving, People, Show Business & Sunglasses Quotes

You don't have to buy a spotless, multiple-concours-winning example to have some fun in this hobby. Just buy a driver. Or buy a wreck.
Jay Leno Quotes list of Old Cars, Buying, Win, Fun, Enthusiast, Hobby, Spotless, Driver & Wreck Quotes

Horsepower by itself is wicked fun, but it can bite too.
Jay Leno Quotes list of Horsepower, Fun, Safety & Wicked Quotes

I'd thought I could go on driving for another 20 years. I was really at the peak of my career. My quality of life was far higher than Jenson Button's or Lewis Hamilton's. All I had to do was turn up to drive the car and then go off and chase crumpet.
Stirling Moss Quotes list of Career, Formula One, Life, Fun, Quality, Racing, Cars, Sex, Women, Driver & Driving Quotes

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