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World car news by car makers includes auto news, press releases, and informational articles categorized by each auto manufacturer and the car models of each company.

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Chery Car News
Find car news and auto reviews on the Chinese car makers Chery Automobile.

Ford Car News
Find car news and reviews on the American car manufacturer Ford Motor Company.

General Motors Car News
Search for car news and reviews on the American car manufacturer General Motors GM.

Sioux Falls dealer to open Rapid City Kia Car Dealership October, 2007
A new car dealership in Rapid City will soon be opening as a Kia Motors new car dealer. The South Dakota car dealership will be opened in November or December 2007 by the Billion Motors company and will be located at 1316 Cambell Street, Rapid City.

Jerry Chambers Chevrolet Cadillac Founder Passes February, 2007
The popular car dealer Jerry Chambers of the Chevrolet and Cadillac car dealership in Bellingham, Washington, USA recently passed away. Jerry Chambers Chevrolet Cadillac was founded by Jerry Chambers in 1973 in Ferndale, Washington and moved to Bellingham, Washington in 1988.

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