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Chery Hybrids for the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games

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Autos> Car News and Auto Reviews> Chery Hybrids for the Olympic Games - April 2008

The Chinese Olympic Committee recently announced that the Chinese car makers Chery Automobile will be providing 50 of the 80 vehicles required for the Olympic traffic services. Chery will supply fifty Hybrid Chery A5 model cars for the 2008 Beijing Olympics in China.

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chery a5 hybrid carsThe Chinese Olympic Committee said that among the eighty vehicles for Olympic traffic services, Chery won a share of fifty. The Chinese auto maker had to compete with participating international car brands and became the first Chinese auto brand to appear in the Olympic Games. The Chery vehicles will consists of 40 BSG hybrids and 10 ISG hybrids, which are both based on the Chery A5 model vehicle.

The first electric car was used in the Munich Olympic Games of 1972. Since Munich, all the Olympic Games have used the vehicles with greenest technology available at the time. The world's top automakers, including BMW and GM have provided the hybrid technology. This is a step forward by Chery in the area of environment protection, which is increasingly becoming a major problem in China and throughout the world. The fuel economy of the Chery BSG A5 is improved by about 10%-15%, while its carbon dioxide emission is reduced by 12%: while the fuel economy of the Chery ISG A5 is improved by about 25%-30%, while its carbon dioxide emission is reduced by approximately 12%.

The pollution caused by car exhaust is a major factor in global warming which is already causing problems worldwide. With a population in the billions, China is seeing its people wanting more and more cars each year, adding to the choking pollution that already exists throughout China and the world.

Chery says it will work towards the healthy and sustainable development of the Chinese auto industry, aiming to make cars that are both affordable and more friendly to the environment.

Chery also produces the Chery A1 car in China.

Photo of the Chinese hybrid car from Chery Automobile, A5 - 2007 model

chery a5 hybrd automobile

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