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Here we list all the famous car quotations and sayings about different parts and accessories from vehicles, fuels and related topics to parts and accessories. Browse our collection of famous car quotes by known car industry leaders, race car drivers, famous automobile enthusiasts, auto collectors, journalists, writers, and car manufacturing chairmen and CEOs.

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Famous Biodegradable Quotes
View quotes and sayings about biodegradable products in the vehicle industry.

Famous Carburetor Quotes
Quotes about car carburetors, carbies or carburetter from an engine or motor.

Famous Car Parts Quotes
List of quotes about car parts and accessories for vehicles.

Famous Color Quotes
Famous quotations on colour and how color relates to cars and the automobile industry.

Famous Doors Quotes
Read quotes about car doors and vehicle door technology or quality.

Famous Electronics Quotes
List of car quotes about electronics in vehicles, eletrical aids and auto electronic products.

Famous Emissions Quotes
Quotes about car emissions and the pollution given off by cars and other vehilces.

Famous Engine Quotes
Interesting quotes about car engines and motors for different vehicles.

Famous Fuel Quotes
Fuel quotes by people involved in the transport industry and people that drive cars.

Famous Fuel Injection Quotes
List of famous quotes about fuel injection in vehicles.

Famous Horsepower Quotes
Find auto quotes about horsepower, the power of an engine or hp.

Famous Hybrid Quotes
List of famous hybrid car quotes about vehicles using both gasoline and electric powered engines.

Famous Ignition Quotes
Browse quotes and sayings by notable people in the auto industry about car ignitions.

Famous Paint Quotes
Notable quotations and saying about paint in the auto industry and painting cars.

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View all quotes from the Auto Dealers US quotations database relating to products.

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Famous car quotes about the steering wheel and to steer a vehicle properly.

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Read quotations and sayings by famous people about car windows and windscreens in vehicles.

Famous Wreck Quotes
Quotes about car wrecks and wrecking automobiles for parts.

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