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Best Cars at the North American Auto Show 2011

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Autos> Car News and Auto Reviews> Car Shows> Detroit Auto Show News> Top Cars at the Detroit Auto Show in 2011

The North American International Auto Show's (NAIAS) 2011 selection of the newest, greenest, fastest, sexiest, hottest, smallest, coolest and most interesting cars are on display again in Detriot, Michigan.

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Here's our list of the best cars from the Detroit Auto Show in 2011, in no particular order. It's not a top 10 cars list, but it's pretty close with 6 sexy models for your car loving eyeballs.

Ferrari 458 Italia
Easily the most beautiful sports car being made in the world at the moment is the Ferrari 458 Italia!! This baby pumps out 562 horsepower and is sex on wheels.
sexy ferrari 458 italia

BMW 1-Series M Coupe
The new small coupe from BMW has the letter M slapped on it to make go a whole late faster than the 1 Series Beamer usually goes. This twin-turbocharged baby has about 335 horsepower under the hood.
fast bmw 1 series m coupe

Audi R8 GT
Why buy an Audi R8 when you can buy a lighter and faster Audi R8 GT? This sexy model has a sexy blonde model in front of it at the North American Auto Show in 2011.

Tesla Roadster
The super quick electric car from Tesla still generate plenty of excitement. If we have to go green, we don't have to look as boring as the Toyota Prius.
tesla electric sports car

Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG E-Cell
The famous SLS AMG Gullwing goes green! We think 526 horsepower sounds good but have reservations about the "AMG Lumilectric Mango" paint color.
MErcedes Benz Gullwing

Bentley Continental GT
The new Bentley Conteinental continues to blur the lines between uber luxury car and sexy sports car.
new bentley continental

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