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Autos> Car News and Auto Reviews> Car Insurance News>NRMA Insurance on Reversing Camera Technology - January 2008

The Australian car insurance company NRMA has reported that car manufacturers in Australia are improving their cars and potentially saving lives by introducing reversing camera technology to their vehicles and improving the child safety features of their cars.

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The NRMA Insurance Car Reversing Visibility Index has been developed to encourage Australian motorists to compare the safety design features of small and large cars. The Australian insurance company NRMA takes into account the visible area and distance across the rear of the car and whether reversing cameras and reverse sensors have been installed. Results are rated on a scale of zero to five stars, with a rating of five indicating better reversing visibility than all other vehicles.

Top scoring cars in Australia

Vehicle / Class / Stars
BMW X5 (5 Door Wagon) - with camera / 4WD / 5 Stars
Ford Territory (5 Door Wagon) - with camera / 4WD / 5 Stars
Honda Legend (Sedan) - with camera / Luxury / 5 Stars
Lexus GS430 (Sedan) - with sensors and camera / Luxury / 5 Stars
Lexus IS250 (Sedan) - with camera / Luxury / 5 Stars
Lexus LS460 (Sedan) - with camera / Luxury / 5 Stars
Toyota Kluger (5 Door Wagon) - with camera / 4WD / 5 Stars

Cars in Australia that scored zero stars

Vehicle / Class / Stars
Holden Commodore (Sedan) / Large / 0 Stars
Holden Epica (Sedan) / Medium / 0 Stars
Holden Viva (5 Door Hatch) / Small - Medium / 0 Stars
Honda Civic (Sedan) / Small - Medium / 0 Stars
Honda Odyssey (5 Door Wagon) / 4WD / 0 Stars
Hummer H3 (5 Door Wagon) / 4WD / 0 Stars
Hyundai i30 (5 Door Hatch) / Small - Medium / 0 Stars
Mitsubishi 380 (Sedan) / Large / 0 Stars
Mitsubishi Lancer (Sedan) / Small - Medium / 0 Stars
Toyota Prado (5 Door Wagon) / 4WD / 0 Stars
Toyota Corolla (Sedan) / Small - Medium / 0 Stars
Toyota RAV - 4 (5 Door Wagon) / 4WD / 0 Stars

NRMA Insurance Road Safety Manager Pam Leicester reminded all parents that even the best reversing camera was no substitute for adult supervision of children around cars.

"Tragically, every week a child is run over in their driveway in Australia and these incidents account for about 10per cent of all child pedestrian deaths and injuries.*

"Small children are naturally inquisitive, can move surprisingly quickly and can be in unexpected places so motorists should never drive a vehicle where a small child could be unattended. Make sure an adult is holding the child or put the child securely in the vehicle with you when you are maneuvering in a driveway," she said.

The full results of NRMA Insurance's Reversing Visibility Index can be viewed at

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