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AutoMate Receives GM Auto-VIS Certification for AMPS

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Autos> Car News and Auto Reviews> Auto/Mate Receives GM Auto-VIS Certification for AMPS - May 2007

The auto dealership software company's Auto/Mate Dealership Systems, ranked the highest for overall customer satisfaction in the last 3 NADA surveys, announced today it has received GM Auto-VIS (Automatic Vehicle Information System) certification for the company’s AMPS Service system. The Auto-VIS software interface allows service personnel to enter a VIN in AMPS and view all car information including open recalls from within AMPS.

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AutoMate’s General Motors car dealerships will save valuable time during the service write-up process by being able to execute a VIS inquiry in AMPS (Automotive Management Productivity Suite) without having to access the Dealer World portal. GM Dealerworld vis. Additional benefits include the ability to add labor operations directly from the retrieved vehicle inquiry. The information can be displayed and/or printed with one simple click.

“Adding Auto-VIS to our GM Certified Interface will allow our dealers to increase their level of customer satisfaction on the service lanes,” said Mike Esposito, President & CEO of Auto/Mate. “All campaign information, warranties and claim history are immediately at the fingertips of the Service Advisor, allowing for quicker and more thorough response to customer needs.”

Auto/Mate has completed the required pilot phase testing of the Auto-VIS interface (Automatic Vehicle Information System) and will begin deployment immediately to its GM dealers at no extra charge. GM Dealerworld vis.

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