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Find Michael Schumacher books by and about the famous German racing car driver, Formula One racer, and motor sport enthusiast from Germany in Europe.

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Michael Schumacher: The Edge of Greatness
Author: James Allen
Published 2009
Gifted with a rare blend of superior ability and unshakeable nerves, Michael Schumacher is the outstanding Formula One driver of his generation. Over the past 15 seasons he has won an unprecedented seven world drivers’ championships and in the process has captured the imagination of fans all over the world. For all his success, Schumacher is also a controversial figure, feared for his ruthless tactics and despised for using extreme methods in pursuit of success.

Michael Schumacher: The Whole Story
Author: Christopher Hilton
Published 2008
When Michael Schumacher retired from Formula One, battling to win his eighth World Championship, fans questioned how he, and indeed former team-mates and rivals, would react after the end of such a stupendous, record-breaking career. In this paperback edition of his highly successful hardback biography, Christopher Hilton updates the story of this controversial genius who, with a powerful mix of sublime skills and raw drama, in turns thrilled and enraged the Grand Prix world.

Schumacher: The Official Inside Story of the Formula One Icon
Author: Michael Schumacher
Published 2003
The official Schumacher book, we discover for the very first time the real Michael Schumacher -- through extensive first person material, as well as a narrative by Sabine Kehm, a journalist, colleague and friend of Schumacher. Fantastic new photographs from renowned European photographer, Michel Comte, give us new insight into the man and his life. For the first time the private man who gives nothing away and the driver who takes no hostages relaxes and opens up. This book will be a real surprise to all fans of Formula One and anyone who's wondered just what goes on behind the superhero's mask

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