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Mazda CarsThe Mazda Motor Corporation or Matsuda Kabushiki-gaisha is a Japanese car maker that was founded in 1920. Mazda cars is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange (ticker code: 7261). The Ford Motor Company owns a large stake in the company but no longer holds a controlling interest in Mazda after 2008. If you know of an excellent Mazda Website online or own a good Mazda resource, please add it to our auto directory by filling in the form on our Submit Car Url page.

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1920 - Jujiro Matsuda creates Toyo Cork Kogyo Co., Ltd to manufacture machine tools.

1931 - Toyo Kogyo begins manufacturing vehicles instead of machines. It's first car, the Mazda-Go is released. Every car from now on is named "Mazda" after the Iranian prophet Zoroaster who, in the Avestan language, is named Ahura Mazda.

1960 - Mazda R360 introduced

1962 - Mazda introduces the Mazda Carol

1967 - Mazda begins incorporating it's new Wankel rotary engine into its cars, starting with the Cosmo Sport.

1970 - Mazda enters the North American automobile market and creates

1973 - The oil crisis forces Mazda to focus more attention on piston engines and puts more effort int selling a more fuel-efficient line of cars starting with the Familia and Capella series.

1979 - Ford purchases a 7 percent stake in Mazda and begins an on-going partnership.

1984 - Toyo Kogyo formally becomes Mazda as the company name and not just the name for automobiles.

1991 - Mazda helps Ford build the Ford Explorer which turns out to be America's best-selling SUV but does not sell well in Japan.

1997 - Mazda uses the new stylized M logo for their company.

1997 - Ford increases its stake in Mazda and holds a total of 33.9 percent of the controlling shares of the company.

2002 - Ford acquires an additional 5-percent stake in Mazda.

2008 - Ford announces sale of 20% of Mazda shares as a result of the economic crisis, bringing Ford's share down to 13.4%.

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