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Chery AutomobileThe Chery Automobile company is a Chinese car maker that was founded in 1997 and owned by the local Chinese government of the Wuhu region. Chery has been hiring auto consultants and experts from more established car making nations like Italy, Austria and Japan to improve the quality and reputation of their cars on a global level. If you know of an excellent Chery Website online or own a good Chery Resource, please add it to our auto directory by filling in the form on our Submit Car Url page.

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History of the Chery Car Company in China (Chery Chronology or Timeline)

1997 - Chinese government owned car company Chery Automobile founded in Wuhu, Anhui Province, China on the 18th of March, 1997.

2003 - Chery Automobile hired foreign automobile experts to prepare the company to move into producing vehicles for the global market. Worked on improving quality and technology.

2003 - The chinese car maker opened a manufacturing plant in Iran.

2004 - General Motors sued the car company for "extreme similarities" of the GM owned Daewoo car type. The company has been accused of stealing other designs and ideas, with some car enthusiasts saying the Infiniti emblem of Japan's Nissan being the source of Chery's logo.

2005 - Chery became a ISO/TS 16949:2002 manufacturer of cars, the same level that some of the highest quality cars in the world are graded with.

2009 - The Chinese car makers produced 508,500 for the year.

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