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Audi carsAudi is a German car maker that was founded in 1909 by August Horch in Zwickau, Germany, Europe. If you know of an excellent Audi Website online or own a good Audi Resource, please add it to our auto directory by filling in the form on our Submit Car Url page.

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1899 - August Horch starts an automobile company using "Horch" as the brand in Zwickau, Germany.

1901 - The first Horch automobile is produced.

1909 - The members of Horch force August to resign. August Horch starts a new company, once again using "Horch" as the brand name. Former partners sue August for trademark infringement and Horch is forced to find a new name. His son, studying Latin at the time, suggests "Audi", the Latin term for "hearing" and the meaning of the name "Horch."

1920 - Horch leaves the Audi company.

1921 - Audi introduces a left-handed drive, the first German auto maker to create a left-hand auto, making it easier to judge passing and providing a superior view of oncoming traffic.

1928 - Jorgen Rasmussen purchases a majority share of Audi and incorporates the eight-cylinder engines from Rickenbacker into the cars.

1929 - Audi's first eight cylinder engines are introduced in the cars the Audi Zwickau and the Audi Dresden.

1932 - Audi merges with Horch, DKW, and Wanderer. The conglomerate is then called "Auto Union." Auto Union uses a four lined chain to symbolize the joining of the companies. Audi continued to use this symbol on its cars in later years.

1940 - Audi is forced to make vehicles for the German military and civilian production is stopped.

1945 - Upon the end of WWII, Auto Union manufacturing plants were dismantled and expropriated without compensation.

1948 - Auto Union is liquidated.

1949 - Auto Union is reestablished in Bavaria and begins producing motorcycles and delivery vans.

1950 - Auto Union introduces the DKW Meisterklasse, a saloon car available to the public and also available as a convertible.

1964 - Volkswagen acquires the trademarks to the Auo Union

1965 - Volkswagen relaunches the Audi brand, more of a model distinction rather than a true manufacture.

1970 - Volkswagen introduces the Audi brand to the United States beginning with the Audi 100.

1980 - Volkswagen begins to create racing models for its American market, beginning with the Audi Quattro, in order to build up the Audi brand as reliable, luxurious, and fast.

1985 - The company name is officially changed to Audi AG.

1996 - Audi sales improve in America after a short decline resulting from the close proximity of the gas and brake pedals. The Audi A4 is introduced to the American market.

2007 - Audi reports record sales of cars.

2008 - Audi celebrates its 13th consecutive year selling over one million automobiles.

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